The Almighty God created all with His Word
Heaven and the earth, beast and bird
He chose to shape man with His hand
With the touch of His love, God made him with the sand
God loved and cherished every moment with man
Knowing man would fail to follow His plan
Man’s disobedience led to his fall
The curse of sin fell upon all
In a moment’s time all was ruined
Away from God, man lamented of his doing

God is love and He is just,
So the punishment for sin is a must
For the penalty of sin is death and hell
Who could save men from this cursed spell?
God is love and He loved us first
He gave His most precious Son to redeem the dust
Jesus knew no sin and lived a perfect human life
As a spotless lamb of God He offered Himself to die
He took upon Himself all our sin’s punishment
With every drop of His blood, our broken cord was mended

Many are wandering in quest of a true God
With much faith and devotion on their feet, they trod
What can please the Almighty Creator and bring salvation?
Is there any merit in the mere act of creation?
Jesus died on the cursed tree
To bring us salvation all for free
On that cross, all our debts are paid
If we repent and believe in Christ, we will be saved