Oh what a concern Nehemiah had
Oh what a burden that made him sad
The ruined walls , the burned gates
Oh what a disgrace his people face

Oh what a burden bearer he was
To put before God all his cause
He sat , wept and mourned for days
Confessing sins and seeking God’s face

He prayed for months day and night
To grant him mercy in the king’s sight
The great and awesome God remembered His covenant
And showed the king the sorrow of his servant

The king agreed to send his cupbearer
To rebuild the walls and fulfill God’s desire
It all started with a burden which Nehemiah didn’t ignore
The burden for others he willingly bore !!

Are we so happy in the comfort of the palace
Running in haste of life’s busy race
Let’s take a pause and be a burden bearer
Asking for concerns and being a compassionate hearer .